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Free Embeddable Player! Choose the layout, design and features to your liking and then copy & paste the provided code into your own Webpage, Blog or share on Google-Plus, Twitter or Facebook.

The Station Id (Guid) is SoniXFM's unique identifier that is assigned to each radio station. Paste the id into the supplied field (if you have it) or use the search function to find a station in the SoniXFM directory and select to automatically take over the selected station id.
This Short Url (courtesy of google), like the codeview, is updated in real-time and is what you paste into social networking or blog websites like google+, facebook or twitter that also supports open graph microdata. Open graph is a web standard that will automatically display key information about your Radio Station to listeners like your image, website and stream urls.
SoniXFM™ Player Wizard
Short Url:
Station ID:
Iconplayer Icon Player

This web font player (cdn support for super fast loading) is the most compatiable with older browsers, computers and early smart devices.

Imageplayer Image Player

Choose between the Station Image, Genre or Country. Includes volume slider and beautiful fading overlay to show the player is active. Tested and compatable with all modern and some older smart devices.


Choose a size that best fits your website or blog design style. We recommend small for posting into social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Guaranteed to look the same on every device.

Choose your Player

We have developed multiple player types for you to choose from. All players have been developed and tested to run on all popular computers and smart devices like Tablets, Set-top Boxes, Gaming Consoles, Smartphones and so on...

  • Stream proxy support (to bust through those pesky firewalls)
  • Ultra small compressed file size (less than 5KB) and cdn support for super fast loading and display
  • Blazing fast stream buffering (player starts in seconds instead of minutes) provided by AnyCastIP™
  • Station and Current Track details on mouse hover (enable and try in the preview!)
  • Track information powered by Apple iTunes
  • Full API support for developers
Select a Theme

Bootswatch is a collection of open source themes for Bootstrap. Bootswatch offers cutting-edge components and cross browser/device support guaranteed to work with most presonal, blog and social media websites.


Enable or Disable the Popover feature.


Choose to display just the currently playing track, detailed radio station information or both.

Popover Features

Displays a popup to the user when the mouse is hovered over the player containing detailed information about the Radio Station, Currently Playing Track or Both updated every 10 seconds and powered by iTunes. Note: May not work correctly on all blogs or social networking websites.