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Shoutcast 2 is here!

Starting February 1st, 2016 we will be offering ShoutCast 2 as our primary stream service to all customers. On march 1st, 2016 we will no longer offer Shoutcast v1 streams on our website. This will NOT affect current Shoutcast v1 customers. Current Shoutcast v1 customers will be offered an upgrade path to version 2 in the coming weeks.

SoniXFM reaches 40,000+

With the unfortunate demise of many music services at the beginning of the year, we were challenged to develop systems to support the influx on customers who were left out in the cold. We’ve expanded our network to include TV and On-Demand video services and beefed up our infrastructure and are proud to announce that SoniXFM has destroyed the previous record of over 26,000 content providers to 40,962 audio and video content sources. (more…)

Yay! it’s Here!

We are proud to announce the long awaited release of SoniXFM version 2. This is our most comprehensive release to date, built from the ground up to run on any device, browser or computer.

Contrast Sensitive & Mobile Ready

Our super beautiful intuitive user interface has been and re-organized to make tablet and mobile use a breeze. Contrast sensitivity uses device settings to automatically adjust screen contrast for optimal day or night usage. And it has been tested on all android/iphone devices down to a screen resolution of 320×480. (more…)