The World's Largest Radio Broadcast Network

The development Gnomes have been busy and have made updates to the SoniXFM Player and StationCards Web Pages.

Player Builder Add-On

Users and registered station owners can now generate a fully synchronized embeddable web player for inserting just about anywhere directly from the StationsCards Web Page. Just visit the StationCard page of choice, click on the tools icon, customize your widget, copy the generated code and paste into your homepage, blog or any social networking page like; facebook, twitter and google+

Blog Add-On

Registered stations can now add timeline like blog entries to their StationCards Web Pages that automatically post to facebook, twitter and google+. Features included: Posting plain and html text, images, videos and mp3’s. Publishing management tools and fully synchronized embeddable widgets for your own Website or Blog.


  • Fixed: Stream Buffer extended in the AnyCastIP™ network to make for quicker stream play starts for stream servers with high bandwidth loads.
  • Fixed: Stream Poller timeout falling back to default station in cached browser state.
  • Fixed: SoniXFM Blog redesigned and embedded into the SoniXFM main page.
  • Fixed: Bad eventhandler for Stream Poller operations.
  • Added: SoniXFM Knowledgebase.
  • Added: SoniXFM Ticket System.
  • Added: Authorization component for registered users (requires further development)