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The feedback was enormous and we listened. The success of the SoniXFM player is indisputable with over 72,000 installations since it’s release a few months ago, but many of you had some issues. Some didn’t like the design, others thought the design a little too “overweight” and still others had problems with older browsers in particular Firefox. Well our coding gurus have been hard at work making our unique SoniXFM player even more compatible and downright beautiful. They also developed a Player Wizard to make generating your own player a breeze. Check out the Features:

New Players

Gone, is the information overload. Many of you wanted a “lighter” weight player that would be easier to fit into WordPress and other content management systems and especially on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. We simplified our players into two main types (more will be offered later) to further backwards compatibility, make it easier to fit any website design and to speed up stream buffering for faster and more enjoyable listening.

Icon Player: Our lightweight icon player uses simple (and small) web fonts for blazing fast startup and unprecedented compatibility. It’s size alone (2Kb) and cdn support makes it incredibly fast to embed into remote websites (on average less then 5ms). Extensively tested on older devices (i.e.: blackberry’s, flip phones and other java based smart devices) and browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera), the icon player is our most widely compatible player to date.

Image Player: We are especially proud of our new image player chock full of awesome advanced features specifically designed for more modern smart devices, browsers and smartphones. Sporting a unique image oriented design, the player allows designers to choose what to display from their own image to the associated station genre or country. The image player is backwards compatible with most smart devices, however some features may not work on older devices and browsers.

Bootswatch theme support has been added to adjust the player’s “look and feel” to fit just about every website design out there. Due to Bootswatch’s cross browser and device support, your customized player will look the same whether viewing on your phone, computer, gaming console or set-top box.

Popover support has been added for both players that shows all the important station and currently playing track information, but is disabled by default in order to ensure support for older devices. You can easily enable popover support by adding “&popover=yes” and adjust what you want displayed by adding “&popoveroption=[BOTH|STATION|TRACK]” to the query string to show either the Radio Station Info, Track Info or Both. You can also use our new Player Wizard to configure the player anyway you like.

Fully configurable Parameters:

The new icon and image players can easily be customized by making adjustments to the passed url parameters (a.k.a. query string). Sometimes that is necessary while fitting the player into your website design. The basic player url is as follows:


It is important that you replace “[YOUR STATION ID]” with your SoniXFM Station id otherwise the default station will be displayed. You can find your station id by using the player wizard search function or look in the about section of your StationCard™ Webpage. Note: If you noticed the missing protocol (http:/https:) in the url that’s to make the url agnostic (correctly termed: relative) so that you don’t get mixed security warnings while embedding into a secure (https) website.

Configurable Options

Name Player Option Example
guid All guid=[STRING] (32 characters are expected) ?guid=1f68759876409fadb2ac85230aa54f1a
theme All theme=[STRING] (bootswatch theme name) &theme=slate
type All type=[STRING] (player.icon or player.image expected) &type=player.icon
size All size=[STRING] (small, medium, large, jumbo or super expected) &size=small
imagedisplay Image imagedisplay=[STRING] (station, genre or country expected) &imagedisplay=station
popover All popover=[STRING] (yes, no or empty expected) &popover=yes
popoverdisplay All popoverdisplay=[STRING] (station, track or both expected) &popoverdisplay=both

For more detailed information consult the SoniXFM Player documentation page.

Open Graph and SEO

Our player implements the Open Graph specification ( used in many modern content management systems like wordpress, joomla or drupel, to display rich content and detailed information about your radio station to potential listeners. We also use other SEO friendly microdata schemas like twitter cards and to ensure detailed information is displayed about your radio on social media sites and on smart devices. The result ensures that your radio can also be found on google and will be beautifully displayed everywhere else.

New Player Wizard

Designing a website or customizing a third party Player can be a daunting task for most. Especially if you want it to look right in blogs or on social media websites like facebook or twitter. We developed our Player wizard with this in mind with detailed context sensitive help, real-time previews and intuitive user interface.


Go to (or from the SoniXFM webpage click on the tools menu item) and the first thing you’ll notice is the clean and easy to understand layout. We made the Preview and Codeview sections always on top so that you can go back and forth through the options wizard and see in real-time how your changes take effect.

Preview Section

The preview section displays a completely working version of your player in real-time. No guessing how it will look and feel ever and any option changes are displayed immediately.

Codeview Section

The codeview section is broken up into two sub sections. The short url (courtesy of google) is generated in real-time and is for posting into blogs or on social media websites. Directly below that is the embed code for embedding the player into your own website or app.

(Wizard) Options Section

This is where the work is done. Each step is fully documented and simple to use. Just follow the directions and you will have a beautiful cross platform player you can post or embed just about anywhere.

Let’s Get Started

The actual work is done in the wizard section and there you are not bound to go through each one after the other. If you don’t like a change you made or want to hurry through the setup, simply hop back or forth to the step you need to make an adjustment on. Your changes will be preserved no matter how much you jump around, so have fun with it.

Step 1: Find a Station

You need to supply a unique identifier in order for the player to play the right station and we know that our station identifier (we call it a guid) looks seemingly complex. Therefore we have made it easy for you to find the correct identifier by adding a powerful search tool right up front. In the search field you can enter your station title, description, genre, country or even the currently playing track and the search tool will display multiple options for you to choose from. Note: The more detailed or exact your search term, the better the results. Try it yourself. Type in “Katy Perry” or “Country” and hit enter or click the search button and see how fast the results are generated.

If you didn’t notice in the top section under the Preview and Codeview is the Station ID field. It there for those who already have their station id handy to paste into. However if you want to take over the station id of a station from the search results, just click on the rocket symbol and the station id will automatically appear in the station id field and all other section will automatically update as well. Cool Huh?

Step 2: Choose a Player

Here you can select and configure the player you would like to use from the options earlier on in this article.

Step 3: Select a Theme

We’ve partnered with bootswatch to provide a wide range of cross browser, fully compatible themes guaranteed to fit any website or social media network design. Just choose your color scheme and go!

Step 4: More Options

Hier we offer you more options to configure your player with like the popover feature which shows station and track information.