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We are proud to announce the release of our new SoniXFM™ Player 2.0-beta and Free player code generator. Get Started Here! Now anyone who has a radio can take advantage of the most advanced radio player around. Here are some of the features…

Cross Browser, Cross Platform

Re-designed from the ground up to strictly adhere to W3C standards, the SoniXFM™ Player has been rigorously tested on all popular devices including PC’s, Mac’s, Tablets, Laptops, Set-Top Boxes and Gaming Consoles. Support for Internet Explorer is limited as it is being replaced with Microsoft Edge, however all versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are fully supported.

Multiple Styles & Themes

16 Bootswatch driven themes and loads of widget styles will guarantee the SoniXFM™ player fits any website, blog or social media page design.

Station and Track Details

Simply hold your mouse or other pointing device over the station name or track title and a box will be displayed with detailed information, including station popularity, listener counts, track artist, album and duration. All driven by iTunes™.

Easy to Configure

Simply enter your station id (can be found on the main SoniXFM page), enable or disable features and then copy & paste the generated code into any website, blob or social media page. That’s it! We automatically poll your radio station for the details.

More Features…

Are being developed on a daily basis, so check in often to learn more. As always if you have any suggestions or feature request, please send an email to